Sonata F Major - Tomaso Albinoni (Bass Trombone)


Following the requestes, here is Albinoni´s Sonata in FM for Bass Trombone

Click Indications:
Intro: One Bar Click
II: One bar click and Pick up
III: One bar click
IV: two bars click

Barcarolle et Chanson Bachique - Bass Trombone


In this case we have a requested one from Colombia composed by J. Sempler-Collery

Choral, Cadence et Fugato - Henri Dutilleux


Once more, today we have one of the most requested pieces in trombone competitions by Henri Dutilleux.

Sonata - Marcello F Major


Here is another sonata by Marcello for Tenor or Bass Trombone

Click Indications:

Intro: 1 Bar click
Allegro: 2 Beats 16th´s
Presto: 2 Bars click and Pick Up

Concertino - E. Sachse (Tenor and Bass Version)


Here is one of the most played pieze for Tenor and Bass Trombone by Ernst Sachse

Click Info:
Adagio = 2 Bars Click and Pick Up
Var I = 2 Triplets and play

Tenor Version

Bass Version

Sonatine - J. Casterede


Here you guys have a requested one by Jacques Casterede



Sang for Lotta - J. Sandstrom


This music can be played by Tenor or Bass Trombone. The very famous composition by J. Sandstrom.

As played by Stefan Schulz

Concerto - Leopold Mozart (Alto Trombone)


One of the most famous Trombone Concerto for Alto trombone by Leopold Mozart.

Click: 1 Bar 4 beats



Sonata in Am - Marcello


Here is the great and sonata by Marcello.

Tempo indications:
1st Mov: 1 Bar click
Allegro: 1 Bar Click (this includes the pick up)
2nd Mov. Largo: 4 beats of Click and play
3rd Mov. 2 Bars Click (there are 6 beats in each bar)

Concerto - Henry Tomasi


Here you can play with the most famous trombone concerto written by H. Tomasi.
All three movements in one MP3 track.

Solo de Concerto - Paul Vidal


Here is a FREE mp3 of Paul Vidal´s composition for Trombone and Piano

Fantasy - S. Stojowski


Here is the Piano part in MP3 to play along with Sigismond Stojowski´s composition.
Enjoy it!

Las Noces del Manyá - Vilaplana


This time here you have a String Orchestra minus one for this Trombone Duet

Melodious Etudes for Trombone - J. Rochut (Bordogni)


Here you have the most famous melodic etudes for trombone. All 60 mp3´s for you to play along.

New Orleans for Bass Trombone E. Bozza


Here is an E. Bozza´s composition for Bass Trombone